Late-Stage Trial into Crohn’s Disease Fails to Deliver



A late-stage trial into a novel medication for the chronic inflammatory condition Crohn’s disease has failed at phase III, one of the latest stages before a drug can go on to be approved.

The study drug, vercirnon, was licensed by GSK from ChemoCentryx in 2010 and has been the subject of several, mostly positive, research studies. This latest trial pitched vercirnon against a placebo to measure its effect on the disease and results showed that there were no improvements to adverse events (AEs) to individuals on the study medication. Indeed, with an enhanced dose, there were a greater number of AEs reported.

The data comes as a further blow to the tricky world of research into therapy for Crohn’s disease. Vercirnon, an antagonist, had looked like a promising new development but it is now shelved and the trial suspended till the data can go under a full and comprehensive review.

Crohn’s disease is a terribly debilitating disorder for sufferers that has the potential to affect the whole of the alimentary canal, from the mouth to the anus. Pharmaceutical research into the disease is difficult, but vital, as surgery is often not the answer for patients due to the recurrent nature of Crohn’s.

To read more about the trial and about Crohn’s itself, click here:

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