Headache Treatment Overhaul Thanks to NICE


We all occasionally get a headache, whether from dehydration, diet or fatigue but regular sufferers have to deal with debilitating headaches on a very frequent basis. Often they go it alone with their treatment, or are prescribed painkillers by their GP, but new guidelines released from NICE today are saying that this is simply not good enough and that patients are not getting the best deal.

NICE are demanding for the accurate classification of a patient’s headaches as well as an appropriate treatment plan. More information needs to be made available on the risks of secondary headaches from painkiller medication.

Doctors and neurologists are being advised to classify all sufferers of primary headaches which means their treatment can be tailored to their condition. These individuals also need to be warned that the overuse of their medication can lead to secondary headaches, something which is not currently common knowledge. Sufferers of migraine should be offered combination treatment with a triptan or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen and aspirin, or paracetamol.

The news is long overdue for the legions of sufferers of repeated headaches and migraine. People who do have to put up with headaches on a regular basis are urged to see their GP and obtain the classification they need to enhance their treatment options.


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