Unused Trial Supplies Find a New Home in Africa



Now don’t get me wrong, I welcome this news with open arms, but why has no one ever thought of this before?! A new charitable organization has been set up in the UK to redistribute surplus medical supplies from clinical trials to teaching hospitals and clinical practices in Africa.

The Olusegan Obasanio Foundation has just set up the EMESAY Project which is being managed by Crest Meridian, a company based in the UK that specializes in global retail, medical and export-trade services.

The idea is brilliantly simple; take unused medical supplies, drugs and equipment (such as thermometers, stethoscopes, swabs etc) and redistribute them to clinics in Africa. Emphasis is being placed on the need for a continuous supply, but it is hoped that this incentive will spawn others around the world.

At any one time there are 50’000 clinical trials in progress around the world, with the overwhelming majority of these having surplus study supplies left over at the end of the trial period. Supplies are not just of drugs, but also associated equipment for a trial. When a trial is run in a hospital, for example, that hospital will be provided with literally everything it needs to run the trial and all it will provide as a site is the staff and the use of hospital facilities as needed. At the end of the trial period, these supplies will be disposed of.  

The project is also hoping to hoover up over-runs of batches, packages with minor defects and ‘make-to-give’ production runs as all of these are perfectly safe but non-compliant with clinical trial policy. This project brings hope to many clinics in Africa that find it increasingly difficult to afford the medicines and supplies that they so desperately need.

The EMESAY Project has set up social networking sites online at: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Medical-Supplies-Africa-EMESAY-Project-5141645; and at https://twitter.com/EMESAY_Project.

To read more about this fabulous idea, click here:



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