Incredible Stem-Cell Support Medication Receives More Positive Results


Kiadis Pharmaceuticals, a private biotechnology company who specialize in treatments for blood cancer, have just published clinical data that heaps further praise on their novel medication for acute myeloid luekaemia (AML).

The study followed patients for five years after their initial treatment with ATIRTM. All of the patients were diagnosed with high-risk malignancies with a very uncertain prognosis. The study confirmed the drug’s safety and even showed that it can improve the survival prognosis for patients.

ATIRTM is a cell-based product that enables patients with AML to receive stem cell transplantation from family members who are not a perfect match, which is known as a haploidentical transplant. Without supporting medication, such a transplant would most likely result in a full immune response from the body as it would see the transplanted stem cells as a foreign invader. Infusion of ATIRTM provides short-term immune protection and long-term enhancements to prognosis for patients.

Perhaps most positive of all, not one of the test subjects died from transplant-related mortality and many were still alive after 5 years. The average percentage increase in prognosis for high-risk patients was found to be 33% with an overall survival rate of 67% over 5 years.

Such exciting research does not come along often enough. It is only natural to wonder how else the drug or other like it could be used to enhance the lives of people requiring stem cell transplantation. ATIRTM is now in the final stages of Phase II research and the EU & USA have already given the drug Orphan Drug Designation.

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Image of AML cells is provided courtesy of Kyoto University.


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